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My pen and ink line drawings are often polished versions of quick sketches or ideas tucked away for future reference. Some are preparatory drawings for paintings I intend working on such as Fig 1of HMS Endeavour and the Maori waka and remain in their rough state and usually sold with the painting as part of its provenance.

Line drawings can be a compromise  between what to include such as (Fig 5) of Charlestown harbour where I've captured lots of detail to tell the story or what to leave out such as the two French schooners in (Fig 2). Both illustrations tell the story in a different way.

The action drawings of the ship at sea in (Fig 3 & Fig 4) are interpretations of personal experiences aboard such vessels and drawn in quieter circumstances …...needless to say rough weather wasn’t conducive to detailed sketching.

Lastly I’ve included a drawing (Fig 6) of a small warships hull (sloop of war, circa 1812). Observing and drawing such detail ensures accuracy when undertaking a painting of the vessel even though much of the detail may not appear in a completed painting.

WIN_20180408_09_20_29_Pro (2).jpg

HMS Endeavour and the Maori waka - (Fig 1)


A tranquil vignette of the two French Naval schooners 'La Belle Poule' & ‘L'Etoile’ moored on the river Dart. A line drawing capturing only the simplest of details and shimmering reflections on the water - (Fig 2)


Illustrated here are two pen & ink drawings of a coaster I served on, one view taken from deck level as following seas pour in over the coamings and a view of the coaster itself as she shoulders her way through lumpy seas - (Fig 3 & 4)


A ship entering Charlestown Harbour in Cornwall.  Charlestown was regular port of call in my coasting days where ample opportunity arose to sketch and photograph the harbour walls and shipping activity. Increased detail was added in this final pen & ink version compared to the preliminary sketches -  (Fig 5)


A side view of a small American sloops hull (circa 1812) - (Fig 6)

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