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Here is a small selection of recent paintings providing an insight to my varied marine artwork. My traditional marine art paintings capture the grandeur of ships under sail venturing the oceans, a style and genre most loved by many. “Along the coast" and "Akora Bound" are two prime examples, they evoke a real sense of the sea which I experienced in the Merchant Navy. On occasions I undertake specific commissions that depict the savagery and drama of the sea as in the case of HMS Buffalo which was blown ashore during a great storm at Whitanga in 1840, a marine painting which now hangs in the museum at Whitianga.

The marine paintings “On the Hatch" and “Stern study" are two very different styles and although marine related I've instead focused on a specific element of boats that took my interest and excluding skies  and seas for a change whereas “Pacific Storm” is a traditional seascape inspired by a stormy coastal walk one day near Tawharanui.

The painting “Start Bay, South Devon” is in a distinct French impressionist style I like. This was a view I saw daily as a young boy attending Primary School, the simplicity of colours and lack of detail are just as appealing to me as a majestic seascape. Start Point lighthouse is but the tiniest spec of white far across the bay.


Air, Sea & Land Gallery.

32 London St, Lyttelton 8082.

Ph 03 328 7350


The Art Lounge NZ

Fine art Gallery

39 Picton St, Howick.

Auckland 2014

027 236 5366


Artspace Gallery.

223 The Esplanade. Petone

Ph 04 979 9889.


Gravity Gallery.

243 Old Coach Road, Mahana. 7173



Shipwreck Trading.

Seaview Marina

100 Port Road, Seaview. Wellington



Paul's artwork was selected for the 1st International Online Marine Art Exhibition 2021/2022. 

Artworks selected from The American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA), the Australian Society of Marine Artists (ASMA), the Canadian Society of Marine Artists (CSMA), the French Peintres Officiels de la Marine and the UK, Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA).

"Along the coast” HMS Endeavour and a Maori seagoing waka 1769

 “The Storm” HMS Buffalo, Whitianga 1840

“Akaroa bound” French immigrant ships 1840

“On the hatch” The schooners tender

“Pacific storm”

“ Stern study”

"Start Bay, South Devon”

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